Friday Finds – November 3, 2017

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Weekends are a great time to clear space – literally and figuratively – and make room for new inspirations and insights to emerge. To spark your own exploration this weekend, here’s what we’ve enjoyed this week:

WHAT WE’RE READING: Unpacking the interesting connection between boredom and creativity.
WHAT WE’RE LISTENING TO: Anxiety is energy with emotion attached to it, and other wise insights for managing worry at work.
WHAT WE’RE PLAYING WITH: New opportunities to explore wayfinding in 2018 (read more and sign up here!)
WHAT WE’RE CURIOUS ABOUT: How to create structure, rituals and boundaries when you start working for yourself
THIS WEEK’S MANTRA: Relax into Revelation

When we’re in the midst of a shift or change in our lives, it often feels like we can’t get there fast enough. Let’s check it off the list and move on, we often think.

While this nervous energy can be fruitful and sometimes does propel us forward faster, it’s also true that we can’t push the river. So, what do we do when we’re ready for a new change, but the details haven’t yet become clear? When we’re feeling antsy for a shift, but it’s not happening fast enough for our liking?

This week’s mantra comes from a friend of mine who recently reminded me that when things take longer than I’d like, I’d be wise to see it as a gift, not a setback. What would it mean, she asked me, if instead of feeling angsty I actually settled into this quiet moment – seeing it as a slow and beautiful unfolding of an idea that simply hasn’t yet come into focus?

As we move through Fall and head into Winter, we become naturally more still, quieter and often more contemplative. Much like bears preparing for hibernation, this period of relaxed quiet can be restorative and even inspirational – if we let it. Are you noticing this shift in your energy as well? How are you choosing to relax into revelation at this point in your wayfinding journey? I’d love to hear from you.