Friday Finds – November 10, 2017


Weekends are a great time to clear space – literally and figuratively – and make room for new inspirations and insights to emerge. To spark your own exploration this weekend, here’s what we’ve enjoyed this week:

WHAT WE’RE READING: Why ideas die (hint: it’s because you hold onto them too tightly)
WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: Forget a five-year plan, let’s talk one year instead. 
WHAT WE’RE PLAYING WITH: Saying yes to new opportunities to meet and connect with new friends, potential teammates, and unexpected allies.
WHAT WE’RE CURIOUS ABOUT: What might an operating manual for new relationships teach us about how to approach understanding who we are as wayfinder?
THIS WEEK’S MANTRA: "When it comes to creativity, limitations can be liberating."

Taken from a new favorite podcast, Hurry Slowly, this week’s mantra inspired a lot of new thinking for me about the constraints that each of face as we move toward the vision we have for our work life and our real life. Sure, constraints often feel like blockades that get in our way, but what if they actually serve to give space to the seeds of our new ideas so that they can grow and thrive?

Another topic on my mind this week is looking for teammates – after all, the kind of creative energy that wayfinding requires can often leave us feeling depleted and lonely rather than recharged and exhilarated. At a recent women’s networking dinner I attended, one woman asked the group: “Who is your biggest supporter, and how might you involve them in your work?” For one attendee it was asking her mom to be her new accountability coach for her writing project; for another it was a potential new co-founder who’d agreed to create and run some new experiments with her.

Who are you recruiting to be on your wayfinding team? Whose support, counsel and cheerleading will help you navigate the tough moments when the constraints of life get in the way? 

In community,