Weekly Wayfinder – January 15, 2018


Welcome to the Weekly Wayfinder, a curated list of wayfinding-related inspiration, ideas, activities and fun stuff to click on and learn from. 

WHAT WE’RE READING: Why the metric matters when defining what success is
WHAT WE’RE LISTENING TO: Sticking to our New Year’s resolutions with the 7 P’s of “Success Scaffolding”
WHAT WE’RE PLAYING WITH: Four ways to bring deliberate practice into our creative process
WHAT WE’RE CURIOUS ABOUT: How to align our workday schedule with the best times for decisions, creativity and inspiration
WHAT WE’RE TRYING: Putting away our phones and going to bed earlier (with some mixed success so far) – with inspiration found here and here
THIS WEEK’S MANTRA: Hard work is hard

This week I'm inspired by stories, methods and suggestions for setting us up for success – whether that's in our work goals, our personal relationships, or something in between. I also learned first hand that wayfinding is hard, but I'm chugging along because I believe wayfinding is worth it, too.

What are you learning this week? What's worth the hard work?



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