How to Prioritize Your Life (or Anything!)

Sad news to share today: Summer is officially over.

That's right. Gone are the days of quiet afternoons poolside, walks to the ice cream shop, and backyard BBQs. No more hipster beer gardens, wine country getaways, or lazy naps in the grass.

(just as an aside: was your summer actually like this? If so, you are my hero. Alas, I spent most of my summer applying bug spray and shuttling my son to summer camp...)

Anyway, as our kiddos transition back to school, us grownups are also getting a rude awakening:

In the blink of an eye, we went from lazy Summer days to full-on, break-neck Fall sprints.

I'll speak for myself: we turned the corner into September and suddenly everything in my life feels like it was due yesterday. My to-do list is a mile long, and it's filled with lots of things that other people think are important, things they think I should care about.

Notice what I said there?

Things THEY think I SHOULD care about.

When we let other people dictate what lands on our list of priorities, we lose.

We lose our time, our goals, our sanity.

In this week's episode of Life Design School, I'm walking you through the Wayfinders Temperature Check, an activity I created to help you take stock and make sense of your priorities.


So you can reconnect with what matters to you.

So you can make plans.

So you can see the gap between where you are and where you want to be.... and then do something about it.

Because here's the obvious but hard truth:

In order to design our lives, we have to cut through the clutter and know what matters to us. And then, of course, we have to do something about it.

So, pull out your favorite chunky sweater, grab something pumpkin, and hit play on this week's episode. Your priorities will thank you for it.

And as always, let me know what you think.



PS – download the Wayfinders Temperature Check to follow along with the video!

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