Building Confidence to Move Forward

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'Eating your own dog food?'

It may be just consultant-speak, but eating your own dog food means being willing to take your own advice.

In my consulting work I'll often throw out phrases like "Build to learn!" and "Fail fast to succeed sooner!" – and let me tell you, it's kind of fun to boss my clients around like that (#sorrynotsorry).

But me? Take a dose of my own medicine? ICK.

Take this week: I am still experimenting with my Life Design School videos, and this time around I thought I'd try something a wee-bit more professional. Like, actually try to keep the camera steady. Maybe even do my best Vanna White impression while I'm at it.

But when it came time to film (See? I'm even using more pretentious language!)... Let's just say my palms got sweaty and my face got flushed. Ooof, I was nervous.

And that wasn't even when it came time to edit.

No. Once I started editing – oh boy, I was a wreck. Every hair out of place, every stumbled word, every time I flailed my arms! Total embarrassment.

Should I not post a video this week, I thought?

Can I stomach the thought of putting myself out there like this?

Why yes – I can. And I will.

Because here's the thing: if we don't start, we'll never get going. And sure, starting is scary. It's vulnerable, palm sweating sort of stuff.

But who I am to tell you that you should try – that you need to get started – and not do it myself?

I can eat this dog food. And so I am.


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