Case Studies

Stories of Impact

Thank you for jumping in at the last minute and helping us through a transformational moment for our company. You are so incredibly talented and we are so fortunate to have you as part of our team.
— Jessica Teal, Teal Media

Design Strategy and Research

Recent Project

CLIENT: National health foundation focused on finding a cure for cystic fibrosis.

GOAL: Understand user needs and priorities to redesign a new "Get Involved" action on website.


  • Bespoke research with hybrid qualitative and quantitative methods, (interviews, survey, card sort, participatory workshops)

  • Stakeholder focus groups for buy-in and alignment on key decisions

  • Synthesized insights and opportunity areas for designs

  • Devised 3 concepts for additional prototyping

  • Regular coaching for client team to navigate competing priorities and high-stakes decisions


In the past month, Ashley facilitated two major workshops and ably guided a diverse group of stakeholders in both sessions. The exercises she designed captured excellent feedback in a way that made it easier for our team to translate into prioritized features and requirements.
— Recent Client, Management Consulting Industry

Workshop Design and Facilitation

recent Project

CLIENT: US Federal Agency focused on disease prevention and control.

GOAL: Invite user and stakeholder input to inform the features for a new health data dashboard


  • Roadmapping session to identify success metrics for 2 high-stakes workshops

  • Iterative agenda design including interactive, custom worksheets for discussion and decision-making

  • Ongoing facilitation of client team to mediate conflict and align on goals

  • Day-of set up + hands-on facilitation

  • Final summary report with narrative and visuals

Thank you so much for your excellent leadership and facilitation of the Design Thinking workshop these last two days. I found the training extraordinarily interesting and helpful. You were really extraordinary in front of the room — smart, approachable, and you talk so perfectly!
— Recent Workshop Participant

Design Training and Coaching

recent Project

CLIENT: DC-based digital design agency

GOAL: Equip the team with new capabilities and confidence in human-centered design


  • Understanding current state of projects and identifying opportunities to streamline and standardized research offerings

  • Building "Discovery recipes" for researchers and strategists to follow based on specific project types

  • Authoring comprehensive "playbook" with human-centered design activities and definitions for team use

  • Designing and delivering two, in-person human-centered design trainings

Don’t work with Ashley if you want to get a job - work with Ashley if you want to get a life.

Her targeted but heartfelt approach helped me answer the big questions: what are my values and purpose? How do I align my work to honor my deepest intentions? She became a critical ally in helping me build trust to navigate a career pivot. Her unique blend of intuition, compassionate accountability, and creative homework exercises helped me uncover truths about my life’s path that I had long forgotten. Thank you, Ashley!
— R.P., recent coaching client

Personal Coaching

I’m extremely fortunate to partner with individuals eager to create change and move confidently into the next phase of their careers and lives. Many of my clients come to me ready for something different, but aren’t sure how or where to start.

Together, we first uncover my client’s unique, authentic Inner Leader, identify the voices and stories that hold her back, and develop additional Inner Resources to support her continued self-exploration and understanding.

From that place of resonance and fulfillment, we then tap into the actions, choices and steps she can take to live a life that’s aligned with who she is as a person. Along the way, we use creative exercises, activities and other homework to help her stay on track and accountable to the goals she’s set.

It’s that simple, and it’s also that challenging!

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