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One-on-One Coaching

For Wayfinders "in training"

Like any training regimen, wayfinding is a process that requires us to flex new muscles and build up our endurance to go farther and faster. Working with Ashley means having an on-call coach to listen, strategize and design a customized program for your specific goals and vision. Reach out if you are:

  • Feeling stuck or burnt out in your current job and unsure how to explore what comes next
  • Experiencing a transition moment in your personal life (marriage, parenthood), realizing that your career has new meaning – and needing to recalibrate work to fit your life
  • Gearing up for a new opportunity or change and want to set yourself up for success.
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Teams and Organizations

For Wayfinding at work

What does it mean to find your way at your workplace? Whether you're looking for unique employee development opportunities to further your teams' learning, or in need of a hands-on facilitator to spark new conversations – bringing Ashley into your organization means you'll have a trusted, objective partner who can support your team through:

  • Seminars / trainings for wayfinding at work, delivered to your team or other specific audience (learning and development, team offsites and retreats, etc)
  • Customized agenda-setting and facilitation for important meetings or workshops (achieving consensus, defining team values, project visioning and more)
  • Employee coaching and advisory services to support the development path of early-, mid- and senior-level staff.


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Events and Retreats

For wayfinding 'in real life'

Online connections and communities are incredibly valuable, but nothing replaces in person and 'offline' conversations. Ashley is ready to help you plan your next event, retreat or team offsite, starting with understanding your goals and your audience and then designing a program to make the day informative, engaging and productive. Reach out to Ashley if you are ready to kickstart your next event through:

  • Inspirational keynotes and stories of wayfinding at work and in life
  • Creative and interactive design exercises to reframe a specific challenge or opportunity
  • Customized tools to facilitate team discussions of finding purpose at work, defining values and more.
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