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Take the (work) road less travelled.

Finding our way at work takes clarity, confidence and action.

I know because I’ve lived it.

As a successful, ambitious professional, I spent my early career striving for bigger, better, more.

Isn’t work supposed to be about constantly pushing yourself to achieve the next big thing?

About nose-to-the-grindstone effort, and the promotion or raise that’s supposed to follow? That’s certainly what I was taught. That’s certainly what I believed.


Turns out following someone else’s made-up rules about work only left me feeling burnt out, confused, and unable to trust in my own decisions.

Work doesn’t have to be that way.

Work can be joyful, fun, creative, meaningful – and actually achieve results, too.

I’ve learned that the same methods and mindsets I use as a designer at work – empathy, creativity, collaboration, iteration - can be used for something else:

Making work not suck.

You can choose to travel a new path.

That’s where I come in.

As a professional designer, facilitator and coach, I help people and teams reimagine their path at work.

Maybe you’re picking your head up and realizing it’s time to go in a new professional direction.

Maybe you’re looking at your team and questioning if there’s a better way to collaborate and be effective.

Wherever you are in your journey, I’m here to help.

Let’s talk about what your road less travelled could look like.

Let’s explore, understand what matters, get you unstuck, and get you back on your way.



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For teams

Do work that’s actually fun, inspiring – and effective.

Learn new tools for collaboration and creativity.

Show up for conversations and decisions that matter.

Build capacity on your team and confidence in yourself.

READY? Let’s talk.



Get clarity on your next professional steps.

Build confidence and trust in your own decisions.

Create milestones and accountability for progress.

Get unstuck - and make change that sticks.

ONBOARD? Let’s coach.

Don’t work with Ashley if you want to get a job. Work with Ashley if you want to get a life.

Her approach helped me answer the big questions: what are my values and purpose? How do I align my work to honor my deepest intentions? She became a critical ally in helping me build trust to navigate a career pivot and uncover truths about my life’s path that I had long forgotten.
— R.P., recent coaching client